Benefits And Advantages Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Why outsource your mobile app development? In today’s blog, we'll show you 5 advantages that will have you considering it.

Just about everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or some other mobile device. And in today’s exponentially lightning-fast digital era, people are constantly connected via their mobile devices, using them for just about everything you can think of. Travel apps, for example, have grown by over 90% since 2016, according to Global Web Index report. The world has had a drastic shift from PCs to mobile devices when it comes to everyday things. That is a reality.

Mobile devices have become so important in recent years that it has led to a revolution in mobile apps and how they are built. Mobile apps have rapidly begun to replace websites and there’s no turning back. They seem to have conquered every area of our life and business, and it is vital for organizations to know how to take advantage of it.


Numbers don’t lie. Research published by Statista showed that in 2018, world-wide mobile app revenue was over $365 billion dollars. They project that by 2023, revenue from app-store downloads and in-app advertising will surpass $930 billion and researchers believe that by 2022, American consumers will spend close to $35 billion dollars on mobile apps.

These facts and figures have caught the attention of organizations that are looking at apps as a huge business opportunity to increase sales and productivity. In order to face the opportunities that lie ahead and not be left behind, organizations are being forced to meet the mobile demand by adapting their services and offering mobile apps to their customers.


Looking at all these trends, we can be sure about one thing: Mobile app development demand will continue to grow even more in the very near future. If your company has not made its mobile switch yet, here are four reasons why you should get on it, fast. Before going over the top 5 advantages of outsourcing mobile development, let's go over 4 key benefits:

1. Revenue growth: A mobile app for your organization serves as a great tool to attract and retain potential clients. Giving your users different functionalities via a mobile app can attract and motivate your app’s users to buy your products or services, by having a simple and easy way to access your offerings.

2. Easier to gather information: By adding contact forms, surveys and other interactive methods in your mobile app can help your organization to get required and coveted client information, by doing this with a mobile app you can achieve this in a friendlier and less intrusive way.

3. Better brand visibility: Mobile apps are great tools for marketing, allowing you to grab the attention of your target audience, giving you a direct format to improve the overall visibility of the business. Users' number one choice to look up what they are interested in is via their smartphones since it’s something they have on hand all the time.

4. Fast UX and offline functionality: Different to websites, mobile apps generally load faster, are much more interactive, and a lot easier to navigate. Many of the app's features can be used even without internet connectivity.

Whether you are looking to build an app for your own customers or you need to build an internal app for your company’s employees, outsourcing your app’s development is definitely an option you need to consider. Here we explain the reasons in more detail.


Once your team has an app idea and the organization is ready to get going with its development, you will probably be wondering what the next steps are and who you should turn to for the build. While many businesses believe they can handle the development process on their own, in-house, the reality is that it’s probably better to leave it to development experts, allowing your team focus on running your business.

Outsourcing mobile app development services can provide all of their experience and expertise to your business.


Simply put, choosing the right outsourcing firm will save you time and money. If your organization hires a full-time, in-house development team to work on building your app, it is likely that the project will take a few months to complete; So, you need to consider that the team you put together to build the app has to be on-board with that idea and you may have to pay team members who may not have any tasks assigned once the project ends, this could create a complicated work environment that will create issues during and after the apps development.

By building your app with an external source instead, you will only hire the firm's services and pay for the development of your app. You alse skip the effort, time and money needed to create a recruitment and training process, which means even more cost savings. Best put: the internal recruitment and development issues fall on the shoulders of the company you hire to build your app.


One of the principal advantages of outsourcing development is that, if you choose a team with the correct skill sets, you ensure high quality development and speed due to years of experience in the software industry. Software development firms working on outsourced projects depend on professionally qualified designers, developers, and testers that have years of experience in every step of the software development process.


Established remote development teams have a great track record incorporating top practices into the mobile app development process. They also have a lot of experience working with a client-focused mindset and the highest quality standards.


A nearshore IT company generally has many projects being built simultaneously. Therefore, work is distributed in a structured way, using agile methodologies, among team members so that the project can be rapidly concluded. Allowing the outsourcing firm to develop apps at a fast pace, without passing up on quality and security. With an in-house team, this could take longer as all of the practices and workflows (that usually take years to get just right) need to be established.


When you outsource your app’s development, you reduce a lot of risk and you avoid the often stressful dynamics that are involved with development. Even though your organization will always have someone from within keeping track of what is being built and ensuring that the timelines set aremet, most of responsibilities are your partner’s.

All of those risks associated with the development process that would normally become your team's responsibility are now passed on, allowing your organization to concentrate elsewhere instead of continuously worrying about unexpected obstacles and complications that may appear.


For your organization to keep up with the digital transformation it needs to remain competitive, it’s essential to develop your mobile apps, as soon as possible. No matter the size of the organization, user engagement revolves around mobile. You will need to decide who will be in charge of every step of the development process. Choosing expert developers seems to be the best option. Many organizations have already looked towards mobile app outsourcing and have proven its effectiveness. It’s time to go mobile!

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