7 Powerful Reasons That Make Python an Ideal Choice For Your Startup.

Before starting with the topic, we want to state a very important truth: it's impossible to adopt a “one-size-fits-all” solution when choosing the main programming language for a software product. There is also no "best programming language”. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be carefully reviewed for each specific project (technical requirements, timeframes, budget, and some other factors).

Our experienced software engineers here in Baja Technologies can evaluate your project to be able to propose the most effective language for your development.

Now let's get back to the main objective of this article by answering the main question: why is Python an ideal choice for startups?

You be the judge. We have the conviction that by describing a couple of specs of Python, you can relate to your past experiences and be able to understand why Python can be the go-to solution for your startup, rather than just trying to push you to consider it.

1.- User-Friendly

Python supports complex development, but does not increase complexity. That's why all python users love its simplicity, which also translates to speed and less room for error.

2.- Popular (between developers)

In the Stack Overflow survey, Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Ok, great but, how does this help your startup? Well, having a large community to support a programming language is very important, because it can provide support quickly if any problems are encountered during the development process.

3.- Versatile

Python is suitable for all operating systems. What can be more versatile than that? Python can seamlessly run on Linux, Windows, macOS. From gaming apps to web frameworks, Python has features to work for all.

4.- Speed To Market / MVP

As you know for sure, time is the most valuable asset when running a startup. You want to enter the market quickly.

The Python programming language definitely meets this requirement. You can use this language for a rapid development process and release your MVP to raise funds from investors as soon as possible. With Python, you can schedule minimum viable product launches within a few weeks.

5.- Highly secure

No matter how sensitive your product is, Python code can provide a high-level of security without too much effort. It can offer successful hiding of source code from direct viewing.

6.- Simplicity

Bye complexity. Python naturally eliminates unnecessary complexity. It provides seamless integration with other technologies and systems. Python is recognized for its clean code. Meaning, because it uses indentation instead of curly braces and semicolons, it makes the code more concise and the syntax is as simple as possible.

7.- Small Team

Last but definitely not least, this is one of the biggest advantages of Python, making it the best choice for your startup. Because of the simplicity of writing code, there is no need for a large team to accomplish great results.


Startup companies need programming languages ​​that can create applications with excellent interactivity and scalability, immediately and at a lower cost. Python for startups becomes the winner combination to this extent.

Baja Technologies has access to a rich talent pool of experienced Python developers ready to assess your project! We have successfully adopted the best remote working practices with developers from different regions of Mexico and Argentina with a convenient time-zone according to your location.

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