Cybersecurity Imperatives and Critical Challenges in 5G-based Embedded Systems

5G is an advanced wireless communication protocol that can be included in embedded systems. 5G security will provide the best solutions for different critical challenges and cyber threats. Cybersecurity is a major challenge in any embedded system such as industrial IoT devices and medical devices etc.

So, the design of 5G networks will offer intelligent solutions and robust security tools and standards. This will help to protect the privacy data from multiple critical remote potential vulnerabilities. Otherwise, hackers will always try to implement different methods for multidimensional cyber-attacks.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is starting an initiative in collaboration with industries of cellular/mobile communications to increase cybersecurity protection for 5G networks.

5G is likely to create a big market and an enormous business opportunity for different domains such as healthcare, vehicles, and robotics, among others.

Key Highlights

1. Limited access shall be provided to the end user to prevent cyber threats.

2. Sometimes, attackers can use a 5G network as an advantage to steal the data and modify it in the embedded systems. So, 5G will come handy and protect the data using advanced technology with different security algorithms.

3. Service providers might face strange challenges from cyber threats in a 5G network.

4. Network vendors will provide the best security policies to control traffic signals and protect the data with a privacy mechanism. 5. Frequent authentication would be required among virtual mobile network operators, communication service providers, and network infrastructure providers.

6. Core internet security protocols shall be required to protect communications among all virtual network functionalities.

7. The 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) has developed 5G standards, which includes encryption, authentication, protection, and privacy.

8. TPM chips and Trust Zone Technology shall provide hardware security monitoring systems for embedded devices.

9. Secure updates, secure boot, user privacy, data security, and data protection can be added as an end-to-end software solution for 5G- based embedded devices.

5G-based Embedded Product Security Design Model

5G will introduce a new architecture, new design, new technologies, and new challenges for security and privacy protection. 5G security is imperative in embedded devices. It involves protecting sensitive data and control of critical systems.

Device Security

Device security, including encryption, authentication, security protocols, intrusion detection, security monitoring systems, and integrating security tools into the device, helps prevent unauthorized access.

Network Security

Network security is nothing but cybersecurity. Network security involves verifying the device authentication and authorization to check if the concerned device can connect to the network. The device should be registered in an authorized network and the data connection should be established successfully. The device should not be disconnected frequently from the network. Virtualization, software-defined networks, and network function virtualization also play a crucial role in making the 5G network security more robust.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is also very crucial for data protection. 5G will bring a great change to the fundamentals of cloud computing and cloud security. Authorized devices can connect to the cloud via standard internet protocols. Cloud vendors should provide cloud security solutions for a robust infrastructure to protect the data intelligently.


This post gives brief information about 5G involvement in embedded systems. It can be used to understand the 5G security challenges and approaches in embedded devices such as medical devices, smart vehicles, and IoT devices, among others.

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